How to Remove a Tree

A decaying or damaged tree is a hazardous tree. Limbs and branches can fall off anytime and might injure people or damage properties. No homeowners would want this to happen right? It could also be a health hazard because of the bacteria and mold that penetrates it. It needs to be removed by tree care professionals so these trees won’t be an obstruction for properties and electrical wires in the future. To remove a tree or to talk to a professional about it check out tree service Cincinnati. Remember though that only professionals with the proper equipment should do this, because the job alone is dangerous.

The first thing you should do when removing a tree is determining if it needs to be entirely removed. Other trees only need some few branches to be removed especially if it interferes with another object. If you’re not sure if the tree is already dead or dying, call an arborist.

Next, clear the area of objects. Make sure that the tree isn’t tangled with other trees or power lines. To avoid problems, estimate the height of the tree and make sure that there would be a plenty space for the tree when it lies flat on the ground. You can determine where the tree would fell by determining which way it naturally leans. A tree will fall in any direction and you have to be prepared for this.

Third, check the tree’s trunk for any evidence of hollowness or decay. These trees would be unpredictable because it can collapse at any point, making the job more difficult. Before you start cutting off the tree, set up at least 2 escape routes. You will use these routes once the tree falls out of control.

Fourth, choose the type of saw needed. You can use a handsaw for small trees, but if the tree has a trunk diameter of more than 1 foot, you’re going to need a chainsaw. There are 3 types of chainsaw you can choose from, gas-powered, electric-powered and battery-powered. You just have to determine the type that suits you best.

Before cutting the tree, decide where it should fall. After that, cut a 45-degree V in the tree facing the direction where you want it to fall. The professionals call it undercut and is about a quarter of the tree’s diameter deep. Next, on the opposite site, cut straight about 2 inches above the undercut. Move out of the way as the tree starts to fall.

Fifth step involves removing the branches from the tree’s bottom all the way to the top. Cut the log into 2 foot pieces. Finally, remove the tree stump. This step will require you a tree stump grinder to remove the stump. But you can also do it in another way. Use a drill to drill hole into the stump. Pour some wood-eating chemicals and let it decay on its own. Use a pick and spade to dig the stump.

Removing a tree is difficult to do. Other trees are manageable especially the small ones but it’s always better to call a professional to do the job.

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