How to Prepare Your Windows for the Upcoming Winter Season? 

Particular home tasks are usually neglected as we move toward the winter season as we trudge through the wind-chill temperatures, sleet, and snow that provide icy blasts even through the thickest hats and mittens that we have. If you live in a place where the winter is extreme, know that you should prep the windows of your home for the upcoming severe icy season. Here are some tips about how you can effectively do it: 

Lock all windows 

Throughout the fall, summer, and spring, you have had your windows open to take in the fresh air. As you do your window checkup, you also have to do a safety check and guarantee that you have locked all of your windows. This is particularly essential when the windows have just been opened for repair or cleaning. This is a safety check that should never be neglected before the winter season starts.  

Have your windows professionally cleaned 

The collected grime and grit on your window can possibly be embedded onto the glass, which can cause cracks and even scratches if neglected. Washing and cleaning your windows professionally can help to minimize this issue while providing you’re greater natural sunlight flow from the outside into your house all throughout the year. In the busy holiday and pre-holiday seasons, allow the experts to deal with the window washing and cleaning and invest in their Prescott window service regularly.  

Remove drafts 

Approximately 1/3 of the heat of your home is emitted out through doors and windows because most of the windows have leaks and gaps that can help escape the warm interior air while the outdoor cold gets inside. Removing window drafts won’t only help you to be warmer, but it can aid in lowering your energy consumptions and save energy over time. Use waterproof and weather-stripping caulk to prevent any gaps that cause drafts to take place.  

Add storm windows 

It’s recognized that storm windows can actually help minimize heat loss as much as 25-50%. Though this window type may not be the best option for other houses, now is the best time to put them on if you have them. Window insulator kits, which is commonly bought at home supply or hardware store, is among the best options that can help minimize heat loss when your houses don’t have storm windows.  

Check all windows 

Before the yard is covered in snow, it’s vital to check all of your windows in and out of your house. See if you can see signs of gaps, cracks, and never forget to check the window screens. When any of them have holes or tears, have them repaired right away while they aren’t in use over the winter season. If your windows have cracks, it needs to be replaced or fixed as required as well. Moreover, search for rotting, broken, or missing wood trim all over your windows. 

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